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Our Diemersfontein Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold-pressed. The cold-pressing of Frantoio and Mission olives ensure that harmful heat is avoided in the process of extracting the oil, capturing the majestic characteristics of these two varietals. Frantoio contributes it's delicate fruity notes, while the Mission component pronounces its distinctive green pepper and grassy notes. The blend of these two varietals, grown on our Wellington farm, crafts an oil that is best used fresh. To ensure its freshness, the oil is packaged in a 'bag-in-box' packaging, with a sealed foil bag and tap. This not only allows for easy dispensing of the oil, but also means that the oil is kept away from harmful UV rays. As the bag collapses as the oil is decanted, oxygen is also kept at bay, making sure that your oil will not oxidise, discolour and lose its delicate flavours. Use our Diemersfontein Olive Oil in salads, pastas or for dipping bread with dukkah.