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The collaboration of two families from Wellington, together with Diemersfontein’s David and Sue Sonnenberg, led to the opening of Wellington Preparatory School in 2004. The school started with only a handful of learners from the age of two and a half to Grade 7.

This independent little farm school was started on Diemersfontein farmland, earmarked for this purpose by the Sonnenbergs. The English-medium school set out as a primary school only. In 2018 it first introduced high school, phasing in the College grades with a new grade each year. The first matric class will start at the school in 2022.

Over the years, Wellington Preparatory School & College (WPS&C) has grown from strength to strength. Its initial number of 18 has steadily increased and by 2021, the school has almost 300 learners.

As an affordable independent school that does not receive much government assistance, funding is an ongoing challenge. The school is reliant on continuous sponsorships and fundraising initiatives to improve facilities and infrastructure.

The school has a strong sponsorship ethos, funded by a trust established by the Sonnenbergs. Annually, many deserving disadvantaged learners (approximately 15% of the total number of learners) receive their tuition at the school thanks to its sponsorship programme. Many children of Diemersfontein employees have also benefited from this excellent school over the years.

The MySchool programme makes it possible for you to support Wellington Preparatory School & College. Simply appoint WPS&C as your Beneficiary on your MySchool card!

How does the Programme work?
The MySchool programme is a unique fundraising programme that raises much-needed funds for schools and charities across the country.  The best part: It does not cost you as a supporter a cent to make a difference!

Every time you swipe your MySchool Supporter Card when you shop at one of the many MySchool partners, you help raise funds for your Beneficiary. The MySchool partners include Woolworths, Engen QuickShops, Walton’s,, Jack’s Paint, Toys R Us, Reggie’s, Club Travel and SupaQuick.  They donate a percentage of your spend to your Beneficiary school on your behalf. 

How do you change your Beneficiary on your My School card?
1.) Get your My School card in front of you.
2.) Click on the link
3.) Enter your My School card number as printed on the card and your password. If you have forgotten your password, it is really easy and quick to reset. Just click on “Forgot your password” and follow the instructions. You will receive an email or SMS with a link where you reset the password.
4.) Log in to your My School profile.
5.) Check to make sure that Wellington Preparatory School & College is listed as your BENEFICIARY. If not, please select the school from the list!
6.) Log out and feel proud that you are contributing to our WPS&C’s funds with your My School card.

No MySchool card? It is easy (and free!) to get one:

Go to your nearest Woolworths and complete a Supporter Card Application form.  Make sure you fill in all your details and send it directly to MySchool.  You can also apply online at or via phone at 0860 100 445. Alternatively, use the QR code to sign up.

MySchool recently launched a new Swipe-to-Win campaign to encourage all supporters to raise more money for their cause PLUS stand a chance to win R10 000 for themselves and R10 000 for their beneficiary. Simply get your MySchool card handy and follow the link to get more information & register to win:

Thank you for taking a few minutes to support WPS&C with your MySchool contribution.