Diemersfontein prefers to refer to their staff as family. Though the people working behind the scenes are not literally related to the Sonnenbergs, the essence of family pride and love for this farm is quite evident!

About our staff

Operating in teams – since no one can really do anything perfectly alone, they take tremendous pride in their jobs. Since most of the staff have been with Diemersfontein for many years, it goes without saying that there must be more to it than just a job … If you visit Diemersfontein, be it for a wine tasting, meal at the restaurant, staying over, conference, or perhaps by occasion of someone else’s function, you are guaranteed to feel the love from the people who work there. Friendly and helpful, the people of Diemersfontein will make your stay an enjoyable and memorable experience. They are no strangers to taking a moment to chat with you, or show you around.

The Wine Team

Francois Roode (Winemaker) together with Lauren Hulsman and their team will always ensure that you get the best “taste” of Diemersfontein whilst here. The tasting room offers the full range of wines to taste 7 days a week and if you are a little more curious – and would like to see the cellar, it might just be arranged!

The Hospitality Team

Within the scope of the hospitality team, lie the accommodation facilities, conferencing, weddings, events, excursions and other services. This team may take their jobs very seriously, but don’t expect them to look it! Whatever the occasion, they are there to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy yourself! Friendly and engaging and will always have time to see to your needs or ensure that your event, of whichever nature, is running smoothly. Always willing to go the extra mile, proving that guests are their first priority! “It is illegal for our guests to carry their own bags!” says Cheslin, member of the Hospitality team.

The Vineyard Team

Waldo Kellerman (the Viticulturist) has a unique style of working with his team. Perhaps it’s his loud voice, perhaps it’s his rather wicked sense of humour – but whatever it is, his team will quickly tell you how much they enjoy working with him! These people are amazing! Not every day does one realise just how much love and nurturing, hard work, blood, sweat (and tears) go into a bottle of wine. The vineyard team work year round to ensure that the vines are pampered, the grapes are protected and the final product is the best they can deliver. If opportunity presents itself, take a walk into the vineyards during harvest time (if you have permission that is) and hear the singing and banter that goes along with this task … it’s priceless.

The Admin Team

Always keeping the cogs turning behind the scenes! The administration team is located at the centre of things – quite literally. Based between the guesthouse, wine centre and restaurant, lies the battery pack of Diemersfontein. A small group of people who ensure that every stitch of paperwork, accounts, correspondence, sales, etc. are running seamlessly. A fun bunch if you stick you head around the door – there’s always time for a little joke or quick chat.

The Garden Team

Well, these boys have their work cut out for them! (excuse the pun) Charl and der Merwe and his team have a tremendous task on hand. Tending to the iconic manor house gardens is one thing, but beautifying the entire estate is what keeps them going year round! Extremely proud of their creations, they are the reason you’ll take great delight in your surroundings!